Glenn Stovall

Front End Developer, Writer, Product Designer

Good Copywriters Borrow, Great Copywriters Steal

I’ve spent a lot of time writing this year, and especially this month with the 30 day publishing challenge. Something I have discovered is that writing is not as hard as it looks. You may think that you have to write for inspiration to strike, and if doesn’t, you can complain about “writer’s block”.

Writer’s block just means you aren’t looking heard enough. There is inspiration for copy everywhere. Pablo Picasso always said “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”. When you don’t know what to say about your company or your product, then it’s time to go on a caper and find some messages you can use in your copy.

Yeoman + AngularJS + Foundation: A Modern Front End Setup

With the combination of modern browsers and mobile devices having support for HTML5, CSS3, and new JavaScript APIs, front end development has become a lot more complex and exciting. There has been an explosion of tools as of late, and it can be daunting to know where to get started. Here are the tools and process I use in order to build a new front end application from scratch.

Exactly How I Got My First 500 Subscribers: Announcing a New Case Study and Seminar

Learn The Exact Techniques I Used to Build An Audience From Scratch

Four months ago, I decided to start building an mailing list. I wanted to build new relationships in my field and expand my network. Overtime I built the list to over 500 subscribers. After some conversations, I saw that other people were interested in how I did it. I sat down to write down a case study. I wanted to be as exact and transparent as possible. It got a little out of hand, but at the end I believe I’ve crafted a valuable guide for anyone who wants to start growing their audience.

Why Multiple Packages in Your Proposals Instantly Increase Conversions

The 3 Tiered Approach That Closes More Sales

When a freelancer submits a proposal, they will often only include one offer. They will set the deliverable, and the price, and throw their proposal over the wall. When you do this, you give the client a binary option: Hire you or don’t.

By giving the client a few different options, you are changing the conversation into one that is more likely to end with the client hiring you.

Learning Emacs One Shortcut at a Time

How I Turned A Dredging Task Into a Learning Opportunity

Despite all of the advances in technology over the past 30 years, in my opinion the best text editor for coding was created during the 1970s. Emacs is a text editor that was developed at the MIT lab, created to aid engineers that were doing research on artificial intelligence.

Emacs is a powerful tool, one that I use everyday, but it is difficult to master. There are dozens of shortcuts and commands that you need to know in order to use if effectively. How did I learn them all? One at a time.

Lessons Learned From Thomas Edison’s Factory Fire

Edison Understood Resiliance AND Electricity

On December 10th, 1914, Thomas Edison was having dinner with his family. A man rushes to his door and tells Edison that his factory had caught fire. Edison grabs his son Charles and they rush our the door. They head to the factory to see what is going on. When they get there the see a vivid display of red, green, and blue fires, due to the various chemicals stored in his laboratory.

This could be the end of Thomas Edison. He didn’t even have insurance on the building, because it was designed to be fireproof. Edison looks at his son and says:

Go get your mother and all her friends. They’ll never see a fire like this again.

Essentialism Through the Ages

The Single Philosophy That Drives Artists, Designers, and Entrepreneurs

In design, I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. Minimalism is a philosophy about boiling things down to their essential elements. It’s about having a philosophy of “less but better”. Great thinkers from all walks of life have touted the benefits of this kind of approach: