Glenn Stovall, Product Statigest & Marketing Director

Hi! I'm a marketing engineer. I help independent business owners build automated marketing systems instead of running on the content treadmill. Instead of parroting the latest growth hacking blogs, I lean on qualitative research to make strategic decisions.

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Zach Alig Proof Industries

Glenn brings solid ideas to the table time and time again. As a result, I rely on him daily to deliver practical solutions for our clients and work server side magic for my front end designs. I learn something every time we talk!

We needed a  specialist with a focus on writing test-supported code to help our in-house team. Glenn was able to step in and translate complex requirements into a seamless interface for us.

Jill Adams Senior Project Manager
Yaw Aning Product Manager

Presenting estimates using the stratigies in Dependable has helped set the tone with our clients. We tried it recently in a proposal we won and already have seen an impact!

Glenn understands my evolving business development needs, and has more than once provided helpful consultation related to marketing and customer discovery, pricing, and competitor analysis. In his consultations, I have found in him a trusted partner and someone who’s made my life as a CEO easier.

Chris Bell CEO/Founder

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