Hi, I’m Glenn, and I’ve Done a Few Things

  1. I work as director of marketing for SellerLabs, a company that helps Amazon merchants deliver better customer service and get more honest reviews. Skeptical about that the ‘honest’ bit? We’ve done the math.
  2. Before that, I spent years as a consultant helping software companies get over their personal hang-ups and ship useful software instead of falling into the same traps that sink 68% of all software projects.
  3. While doing that I wrote a book for independent software developers outlining my process, and you can buy it right here. It’s called Dependable: Deliver Software on Time and Within Budget
  4. I’ve also written several articles on running small business, both consulting and otherwise. You can read them here.
  5. I also write weekly letters. I wonder how many you’ve missed between now and when I started?

Market like a Respectable Human

Every week(mostly) I write a letter to 500 people, sharing my insights on succeeding without working weekends and marketing without feeling like a putz. You could be one of them.

Nice Things People Said.

Glenn brings solid ideas to the table time and time again. As a result, I rely on him daily to deliver practical solutions for our clients and work server side magic for my front end designs. I learn something every time we talk!”

Zach Alig

Proof Industries

We needed a great Angular specialist with a focus on test-supported code to help our in-house team. Glenn was able to step in and translate complex requirements into a seamless interface for us.

Jill Adams

Senior Project Manager

Glenn understands my evolving business development needs, and has more than once provided helpful consultation related to marketing and customer discovery, pricing, and competitor analysis. In his consultations, I have found in him a trusted partner and someone who’s made my life as a CEO easier.

Chris Bell