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Is Your Business Missing Opportunities to Capture New Business With the Latest Tech?

Hey There,

Technology moves quickly. It was just over five years ago that mobile technology changed how we think about using technology in our everyday lives. These days, things like wearables, the ease of high-quality audio and video, marketing automation, and conversion optimization give business owners and entrepreneurs abilities to grow, scale and automate their business like never before.

Is The Web Working For Your Business, or Just Taking Up Space?

At some point, someone probably told you your company needed a website. They were probably right. The same people probably told you needed a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, and a newsletter. They were less right, but their heart is in the right place. Owning a saw doesn’t make you a carpenter any more than having a twitter feed will bring you any new business. These tools can be powerful in the right circumstances if you know how to put them to use.

Let’s Do The Work That Needs to Be Done

It is my mission to help companies use technology in the most effective, goal-driven manner for their business. I don’t want just to build you a website. I want to build you a tool with analytics that helps capture leads and drives business to you.

I don’t want to put a single field on your site that says ‘newsletter’, and then send out three email blasts a year that no one will read. I want to send targeted emails to your prospects and customers based on timing and behavior that help you build relationships.

I don’t want to build a new feature for your application because you think it will be cool or because a particular gear squeaked about it. I want to build features that are designed to reduce churn, reduce support costs, and help you expand into new markets.

## I Understand Where Code and Copy Fit Into Your Big Picture …

I’ve worked with tech companies large and small to help them build better tools and processes. I’ve managed international teams that stretched from Atlanta to Bangkok. I’ve spent the past five years developing strategies for companies, writing the code and copy needed to execute on those strategies, and training people to use tools I’ve built to move forward.

## … And I Understand You Have Better Things To Do.

I understand that being a manager or running a business is hard. I also understand that time is finite, and life is short. You don’t want to work nights and weekends spending your time on trivial tasks. Your time could be better spent on interacting with prospective customers, empowering your team, or figuring your business plan. I can help you implement tools to streamline your business, or build them if you have specific needs. Code makes a great employee. It doesn’t ask for vacations or dental benefits, and will exponentially more work for little to no raise. If there is work that can’t be handed off to a machine, I can still take some things off your plate so you can focus on the big stuff.

## I’ll Help Ensure the Long-Term Success of Our Projects, Even After We’ve Said Our Goodbyes

I knew an agency that worked on building websites. They would ask their clients for copy, and then design a site with that copy and tools to edit it. They would follow this up with a “Good luck!” and then send them a follow-up email a month later. Firstly, writing copy is hard work, why should you have to do it? Secondly, if you have never had a website, web application, or mobile app, what the heck are you supposed to do with it? I like to build long-term relationships with my clients so that we can focus on the long term success of that project. Launching new software isn’t the end of a project, it’s a first step. Even if we don’t work together in the long term, I want you to be a better-equipped owner that will understand how to measure success, and how to get there.

At the end of the day, I’m a hacker who enjoys doing good work, writing copy that sells, and not considering a project a win until we have measurable gains. I spent my formative years making websites, and now I’m tired of it. Now I want build systems that make businesses better.

Improve The Chance of Success For Your Business