One-Off Projects

Stop Being a Wuss And Ship Your Idea.

It’s harder than it looks to ship a web application and it’s not because of the complexity or hours needed to program. It’s because of the noise of ideas from yourself, your customers, and all around the web. It feels like there is a new tool or framework coming out every week. There’s always a suggestion about what features should be implementing or what other services you should be integrating with. Do you ever have feeling of “If only my product did X?”

The world’s getting noisier, and in order to increase your chance of success, you have to cut through the noise. I help online business owners eliminate the bullshit, and prioritize their time and resources, and charge forward in the direction that will move the needle for their business the most.

And doing this kind of work is scary. The internet can be mean. People might not buy. 99% of this fear is just a symptom of uncertainty. It’s easy to feel uncertain when working with cowboys that code first and ask questions later. Before a project, you need to decide on what’s important and what’s necessary, and then work on nothing else. Having a clear vision and essentialist view towards building and improving software is the difference between your idea impacting the world and collecting dust on a shelf.

I’ve worked on successful projects, and I’ve worked on failures. I’ve learned the difference between the products that work and the ones that don’t are that successful people are willing to commit to a plan, do their homework, and kill their darlings.

And if you are one of those people,I’d love to chat.