Unlike Other Full-Stack Developers, Your Company's Growth is my Top Priority.

Too often, developers isolate themselves from the significant problems of software. 

Writing code isn't easy, but at least it's concrete. It compiles or it doesn't. Tests pass or fail. 

But are you shipping the right feature, that helps your target market? Does your new feature deliver value, or headaches? These problems are nebulous, more difficult. 

Glenn Stovall

Me (right), contemplating a project roadmap while petting Kaylee(left), thinking about dog stuff.

Taking ownership of these issues is crucial to delivering meaningful work.

Instead, some choose to focus on the craft over the outcome; debating whether the newest abstraction that wrote was abstract enough.

"Is this enough test coverage? too much? too little?"

Like any other senior full-stack developer, I care about writing clean code, delivering it on time and within budget(In fact, I wrote the book on the subject.).  However, unlike other developers, I understand that code is just the means to an end.


Customers don't buy features, they buy solutions to expensive problems. 

My experience in marketing, consulting, and engineering means I'm able to discuss and tackle problems from C-level to junior dev.


When I ship software, it doesn't just work on staging. It delivers real-world results. 

I'm currently seeking full-time and consulting opportunities, so if you need someone to help you tackle the technical challenges impeding your company's growth,  then click that call-to-action: 👇

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