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I help product owners make smarter decisions using rapid prototyping, experimentation, and prolific creation.

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I'm also helping developers who are frustrated at being "just a coder" learn how to navigate organizations and tackle higher context problems (like the one above.) Best place to hear about that is on my podcast, Production Ready.

Greatest Hits

Quarantine Work is Not Remote Work - People who are new to remote work are struggling. As someone who has been remote for 7 years, I can say with confidence that right now is different.

How Software can be racist (and what you can do to stop it) - All developers have a responsiblity for the impact their work has on the world. A look at how classification algorithms are used to make society racist faster.

How writing code is hindering your career - Interview w/ Erik Dietrich 🎙- Erik Dietrich and I decode the corporate hierarchy, why software developers get stuck in the bottom, and how you can cross over to the other side.

The Secret Skills of Productive Programmers - Interview w/ Itamar Turner-Truaring 🎙-What separates the good developers from the great ones? How can you be sure you're working on the right thing, right now. Itamar Turner-Trauring, trainer and author of The Secret Skills of Productive Programmers, is here to share the unique way he tackles problems to waste the least amount of time.

Why Do They Call It Serverless if it runs on a server? Unraveling one of the cloud's most paradoxical buzzwords.

How I Used Writing to Double My Freelancing Rate as a Programmer - most viral piece I've written. First piece I wrote exploring how there is more developers can do than write code.

Choose Your Next Article Topic With This Exercise A guide to overcoming writer's block.

Overcoming The Fear of Transitioning to Full Time Freelance The most comprehensive guide I've put together for freelancers.

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