5 Ways to Build a $200,000 Consultancy

I recently read an article entitled five ways to build a $100 million dollar business. It discusses different business models that vary in the number and size of your customer base. Some businesses work with a few enterprise scale clients while others work with a larger number of smaller customers. Patrick Mackenzie mentioned on Twitter that “The math here is equally applicable if you are trying to build, say, a $200k a year business”.A $200k/yr consultancy is a goal that seems both attractive and attainable, so I decided to try and answer the question “How can you build a $200,000 consultancy?”

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Yeoman + AngularJS + Foundation: A Modern Front End Setup

With the combination of modern browsers and mobile devices having support for HTML5, CSS3, and new JavaScript APIs, front end development has become a lot more complicated, but also exciting. There has been an explosion of tools as of late, and it can be daunting to know where to get started. Here are the tools and process I use to build a new front end application from scratch.

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Why Multiple Packages in Your Proposals Instantly Increase Conversions

The 3 Tiered Approach That Closes More Sales

When a freelancer submits a proposal, they will often only include one offer. They will set the deliverable, and the price, and throw their proposal over the wall. When you do this, you give the client a binary option: Hire you or don’t.

By giving the client a few different options, you are changing the conversation into one that is more likely to end with the client hiring you.

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How to Write More Personal Emails to Your List That Get Open and Convert

My Email Marketing Strategy In a Nutshell

Email marketing converts better than social media or content marketing. Nathan Barry has a great write up with the numbers. You can build a list by giving people incentives in exchange for their email address, reaching out to them directly, or offering people updates on an as-yet-unreleased new product. But once you have built that list, how do you write emails that people on that list will want to read?

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How I Used Writing to Double My Freelancing Rate As a Programmer


When I left my job to become a freelance programmer, I was charging $50/hr in the beginning. I met other freelancers, consultants, and agencies in town, and a few of them charged $150/hr. Even the agency that I had worked at previously billed my time at $120/hr, which means that my level of programming skill was not the deciding factor. If they could charge that much for my services, why couldn’t I? There was a broken record in my head asking me the same question:

“what’s the difference between a $50 freelancer and a $150 freelancer?”

So I decided to start spending time learning about pricing, value, and all that “business stuff” programmers and designers love to avoid.

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10 Resources That Shaped My Career

There is amazing amount of resource available on the internet if you know where to look. I’ve realized that over the past year, there are some articles, pod casts, books, or videos that have had a huge impact on my view and approach to my business. I’ve had several people ask me how I came to conclusions I have about how I run my business, and how I execute on them. I wanted to share 10 links that are all free, and have all provided me with exceptional value.
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AngularJS: an Overview

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework made by Google for building complex client-side applications. Angular’s killer feature is ‘directives’ that allow you to extend HTML by creating tags and attributes. Angular projects have a somewhat different structure than other JavaScript MVC frameworks, but it can be highly modular and easy to maintain once you understand the structure. Let’s take a look at the main components of AngularJS and how they work, and why you should strongly consider Angular for your next project.

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Writing Cron Jobs and Command Line Scripts in CodeIgniter

Building a command line interface into your application can be a way to add extra utility to your application. Adding cron jobs (a.k.a. scheduled tasks) to your CodeIgniter application can provide additional utility. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up both in a CodeIgniter application by writing a simple appointment reminder, which will remind people if they have an appointment scheduled a day in advance.
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My Eureka Moment With Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a tough cookie for most programmers to figure out. They are terrifying to look at with their daunting syntax. There is also nothing quite like regular expressions anywhere in programming. Programmers may learn to hack together basic regex expressions, or how to cut and paste some they find online for their needs, but it can be tricky to get a real grasp of the concept. Here I’d like to explain the line of thinking that finally led to me grokking regex.

For reference, I’ll be using the PERL-style regular expression syntax used by languages like PHP. Here’s a Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet That I’ll be referencing throughout this article, and it is a great resource to keep around.

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