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Is Drip A Good Solution For Shopify Stores?

Drip, an email and marketing automation tool, recently launched a redesign and repositioning of their service: Drip’s New Look:   👇👇👇 Drip’s New Message The colors aren’t important. What’s important is how Drip changed its self-image. Here’s the important bit from their new manifesto: At Drip, our focus is on driving consumer sales, not B2B […]

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Who Do You Serve? Defining Positioning

The first problem any service business needs to solve is deciding who they are going to serve. Being a generalist makes marketing harder. If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. Other consultants Philip Morgan and Jonathan Stark advocate for what they call the fool-proof positioning statement: I help $TargetCustomer solve $expensiveProblem. Unlike […]

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6 Places You Can Look For RFPs

Are requests for proposals a trap? It’s debatable. Some agencies and consulting make a lot of cash from some large clients. Others spend hours writing proposals and don’t make any progress. If you want to try your hand at winning RFPs, here are some sites you can check out: CommBuys Mirren Ariba Find RFP RFB […]

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Process Documentation: The First Step to Eliminating Tedious Work

Looking for ways to spend less time doing parts of your job that you hate? You have three options: Eliminate. Delegate. Automate. I’m a minimalist. I like to take a Marie Kondo approach in business and life. Tasks get on out plate more quickly than they get off, and we don’t always stop to reflect […]

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A Workaround for CSV Upload Limits

Sometimes, applications have a limit on how many records you can import at once. Sometimes massive imports flag for a manual check, adding a roadblock to your work. Want to split one CSV into many quickly and avoid those pesky upload limits? Here’s a short bash script I use to split .csv files into multiple files while maintaining the header […]

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