Are You 100% Sure The Answer To Your Next Proposal Will Be "Yes"?

If not, take a moment to read this before you send it. It could be the difference between winning and losing your next 4 or 5-figure sale. 

You've gone back and forth with a potential new client via email and phone. You've done the best you can to learn about their business and discover how you can best serve them. Now it's time to try and seal the deal. You get to work on a proposal. 

You feel like a rock star when you can close a sale, but it's a punch in the gut is to spend hours writing a proposal for a big project, only to get rejected.Even worse, having your client go silent, giving you no feedback on where you went wrong. 

Send That Proposal With Confidence You'll Close The Deal.

A new client means a new portfolio piece, ​a new person who can give you referrals and testimonials, and most importantly, who will paying your next invoice. But first, you need to write a proposal that not only gets a "yes," but gets them excited to work with you. 

Your proposal should be a brief that sets expectations and clears up confusion. Send proposals that give your projects the greatest chance of success. 

Get One-on-one Help on Your Next Sale.

Here's how it works:

  • Send me a proposal you are working on, or one from a previous project.
  • You'll get a carefully written critique of ways you can improve your proposal.
  • I'll apply proven copywriting and sales tactics that convert, tailored to your needs.
  • I also watch for red flags, and ensure that you don't under-charge or over-deliver.
  • You get strategic insight you can apply to this and future proposals. 
  • You'll get a better proposal with a higher chance of winning you another client. 
  • BONUS: You'll also get the template I've used to close multiple five-figure contracts.

If you aren't satisfied, I'll write your next proposal for you. 

Lisa Conner Zeto Creative

​The new proposal format and content which we crafted as a result of feedback we gleaned from your ‘tear down’ process, won one us one of our biggest contracts in a long, LONG time. It was a contract we really wanted, and we are THRILLED we landed it–and we beat out a huge agency doing it.

I have no doubt that the raised-up quality of our proposal, paired with a realistic budget for the client, is what helped put us up and over the hedge.

Yaw Aning Product Strategist

Presenting estimates to clients with ranges has helped set the tone that it’s an estimate. We tried it recently in a proposal we won and already have seen an impact!