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Is Drip A Good Solution For Shopify Stores?

Drip, an email and marketing automation tool, recently launched a redesign and repositioning of their service: Drip’s New Look:   ??? Drip’s New Message The colors aren’t important. What’s important is how Drip changed its self-image. Here’s the important bit from their new manifesto: At Drip, our focus is on driving consumer sales, not B2B […]

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6 Places You Can Look For RFPs

Are requests for proposals a trap? It’s debatable. Some agencies and consulting make a lot of cash from some large clients. Others spend hours writing proposals and don’t make any progress. If you want to try your hand at winning RFPs, here are some sites you can check out: CommBuys Mirren Ariba Find RFP RFB […]

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The Good Book Bad Title Book Club

These are a list of books that I recommend often, but always have to follow with “I know what it sounds like, but…” 1. The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss What it sounds like: yet another “lifestyle blogger” teaching you how to be lazy and still profit. What’s actually in the book: The original […]

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Recommended Reading for June 2017

Watch the Hands, Not the Cards — The Magic of Megabrew AB InBev is buying up craft breweries with increasing velocity, and not for the reasons you think. Chris Herron, an owner of Athens brewery Creature Comforts, explores the motivations behind these buyouts. As a current brewmaster and former Miller employee, Chris provides in-depth business […]

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Minimum Viable Team Management

There are hundreds of project management tools out there, almost enough to convince software developers that they shouldn’t build another one. As a consultant, I form small teams frequently: my assistant and me, or pulling contractors together into a Large Project Justice League. I also have the privilege of working with many different companies, experiencing a smorgasbord of tools, techniques, and […]

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2014 Post Mortem

Every Year I take a look back at my business, and do the same exercise I do with every client project: a postmortem. I ask myself 3 questions: What went well? What went wrong? What steps should I take in the future? This is a valuable writing exercise, and I’d strongly encourage you to do […]

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10 Resources That Shaped My Career

There is amazing amount of resource available on the internet if you know where to look. I’ve realized that over the past year, there are some articles, pod casts, books, or videos that have had a huge impact on my view and approach to my business. I’ve had several people ask me how I came […]

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