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The Good Book Bad Title Book Club

These are a list of books that I recommend often, but always have to follow with “I know what it sounds like, but…” 1. The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss What it sounds like: yet another “lifestyle blogger” teaching you how to be lazy and still profit. What’s actually in the book: The original […]

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Minimum Viable Team Management

There are hundreds of project management tools out there, almost enough to convince software developers that they shouldn’t build another one. As a consultant, I form small teams frequently: my assistant and me, or pulling contractors together into a Large Project Justice League. I also have the privilege of working with many different companies, experiencing a smorgasbord of tools, techniques, and […]

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Places to Find Work Besides Upwork and

How to you find quality clients on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Getting quality client work on these sites is nearly impossible. When an average Day Job in India pays as little as $0.65/hour, then doing web development online from the comfort of their home is a dream job. How can you compete?

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