Chrome Extension Development

Picture This: You Want to Help Your Customers, But They’re Trapped in a Walled Garden

Your customers use your app, but you know it’s not the only website they spend time on. Your users jump all around the web: Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and a dozen other SaaS applications. What if they are somewhere else, doing work that’s related to the problem you are trying to solve? You want to help them, but you can’t.

What if Your Customers Never Truly Left?

Imagine that you could always be there with your customer. Right there on another site. We can accomplish this by integrating your software with their browser itself. Building a Chrome browser extension allows you to be there to help your customer. Always. You can scrape data from other web pages, and assist your user where they already are.

People Love Tools That Enhance Jobs They’re Already Doing

Chrome extensions are like an Iron Man suit: instead of automating a job away, you help make your users better, faster, and smarter than they already are. You help people do their work better. And they don’t have to learn an entirely new tool or process. You can work with them where they already are. You also get to leverage the Google Chrome for your benefits: leverage its automatic upgrade system (no deployments) and the processing power of the individual browser (no scalability issues).

I’ll Help You Build Your Customer-Enhancing Extension

I can build a Chrome extension that integrates with your existing software, and other sites on the internet. I’ll work to help you do technical research to figure out the best integration strategies and launch your extension to the Chrome web store.

I Guarantee You’ll Be Happy With The Results

Once we have an agreed upon goal in place, I’ll work with you until we reach that goal. No surprise invoices for extra hours. And unlike other developers, I’m focused exclusively on using my technical skills to deliver ROI. I’m focused on providing solutions to problems, not lines of code.

If that sounds interesting to you, then reach out, and we can book a roadmapping session, and start working towards launching a tool that will help your customers and help you grow your business.

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