Hey there,

If you’re reading this page, that means you’ve followed a link to one of my company’s old domains, or

Or maybe you saw “Concordant Solutions” on an email or invoice, and you’re wondering what that is.

Concordant Solutions LLC, in my business entity, that on paper owns various projects

Concordant For Shopify Store Owners

I own a Consultancy specifically aimed at helping Shopify store owners succeed: Tiny Shepherd.

Concordant For Tech Companies

I provide contract development & marketing automation services for B2B software companies. If you’re interested in working together, you can apply here.

Concordant For Freelancers

I’ve written books to help other freelancers run more successful, durable software businesses. Check out Dependable or the Project Estimation Guide.

Concordant For You

Unlike other companies, I open the kimono every Tuesday and provide honest, behind-the-scenes insight into what’s going on with my business. I send letters to my friends and you could be one of them: