Value-Based Development

Your Last Rails Developer understood code, but did they understand your business?

Too often, developers let themselves get distracted by work that is interesting, but ultimately doesn’t matter; Do we use this framework or that one? Did we build this feature because it’s valuable, or just because it’s cool? No matter how much research and planning you put into your product roadmap, there are still hundreds of tiny decisions that developers make that can end up having an impact on your business.

What happens when that new shiny framework ends up slowing feature development down to a crawl? What about when you end up spending too many resources supporting a half-baked feature that shouldn’t have been built in the first place?

What if You Had A Developer That Took ROI Into Account?

The math of hiring a developer is simple: You pay your developer to deliver assets that are worth more than what you are paying them. But most developers don’t think about it this way. They work in the same fashion as a cashier at Arby’s: they blindly perform rote tasks for a fixed hourly fee, with no thought to whether or not they’re worth it.

The Way I Work Is Different

I’ll talk to you about your business needs and do research to ensure we’re building the right thing together. I keep my pricing simple and clear, free of time-sheets. Each week or sprint, depending on your current company workflow, We’ll have a strategy call to kick it off and a progress report at the end. You aren’t just be getting efficient, bug-free code; you get working solutions to your business problems.


Full Focus Development

You get the focus, attention, and output of a full-time senior developer. I only ever have one client in this package.

Price: $3,000 / week.

Consistent Progress

You’ll get the focus and attention of a part-time developer. I only ever have two clients in this package.

Price: $2,000 / week. 

Consulting Call

Don’t need full-time help, but would like someone to help you with code review, vetting other developers, or building a product roadmap? We can book a 60-minute call to work out your needs.

Price: $200/call 

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