A Brief Guide To Help You Stop Leaving Money On The Table

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How Much Do I Charge?

This is the most common question I hear from people who are freelancing or people that are considering it. To address this problem, I’ve put together a free eBook called the “Freelance Pricing Handbook”. It’s a quick read designed to help you learn how to approach how to charge for your services.

Changing how you charge for your services can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here is chart from a point in my career when I started repositioning my services and changed how I was billing clients. I don’t want to be too open with numbers, so I’ve scaled this chart, where 1 = how much I invoiced in my first month of freelancing:


That nearly 200% increase in revenue that happens? That’s from implementing a new billing structure. I didn’t change what I was doing, but I changed how I was presenting my value to clients.

What’s In This Book (Table of Contents)

  1. Finding Your Rate – I’ll give you several methods you can use to calculate what rate you should be charging.
  2. Billing Structures – I’ll lay out hourly and flat rate billing, along with a couple of other options.
  3. Productized Services – In this chapter, I discuss how you can create repeatable packages of your services.
  4. Pricing Strategy – You’ll learn when to (and when not to) negotiate, and how to experiment and test your pricing.
  5. Pitfalls to Avoid – A whole section on what not to do.
Get Your Copy Freelance Pricing Handbook