A Brief Guide To Help You Stop Leaving Money On The Table

"How Much Do I Charge?"
This is the most common question I hear from people who are freelancing or people that are considering it. To address this problem, I’ve put together a free eBook called the Freelance Pricing Handbook. It’s a quick read designed to help you learn how to approach how to charge for your services.

Changing how you charge for your services can have a huge impact on your bottom line. When I was starting out, I was able to increase my revenue by
200% by implementing a new billing structure. I didn’t change what I was doing, but I changed how I was presenting my value to clients.

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    Finding Your Rate

    I’ll give you several methods you can use to calculate what rate you should be charging.

    Pricing Strategy

    You’ll learn when to (and when not to) negotiate, and how to experiment and test your pricing.

    Pitfalls To Avoid

    A whole section on what not to do.