How to Change the Confirmation Link Text in Your Drip Welcome Emails

If you are using Drip for your marketing automation, you might want to change the copy on the “Confirm Your Subscription” Link that gets sent when people fill out a form. This link is an important call-to-action, and this little piece of text can have a big impact on your subscription conversion rate. Drip doesn’t make it clear how to change this copy, but it is possible.

When you are creating a form, you will the code for the link. It looks like this:

{{ confirmation_link }}

If you want to change the link text, you can use the replace_inner_html function that is available. For example, if you wanted to change your link text to “Join the club.” you would do the following:

{{ confirmation_link | replace_inner_html: “Join the club.” }}

By using this technique, you can have more control over the experience your subscribers have when they join your list and create more enticing calls-to-action in your emails.

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