Integrating Calendly with Drip

I hate playing the back-and-forth “what times works for you?” game when it comes time to book a meeting. As a one-person shop, I’d rather spend my time providing value to clients and taking care of more important matters than spend time negotiating appointment times.

I use Calendly to make booking appointments easier. I can send people a link to my calendar, and they can pick a time that works for them. This technique also gives off an air of professionalism when dealing with potential clients.

A prospect requesting 1-on-1 time is a huge buying signal. As a consultant, these are the people that I want on my mailing list.

It would be awkward to ask the person you are meeting with to join a mailing list, so instead I combine a Drip opt-in form with my Calendly. Doing so allows me to create “Book an appointment with me” opt-ins on my site.

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

First, you’ll be creating a new campaign. Keep in mind that your subscribers will see the name of the campaign they are subscribed to; make it user-friendly. Once you’ve created the form, you’ll want to use the ‘create from scratch’ link to make your email sequence.


Step 2: Write an Initial Email

I keep it simple. The sequence is one thank-you email. I ask a couple of questions to get the ball rolling and work out the logistics of the meeting.



Step 3: Set up The Calendly Link

Once you’ve created your campaign, click ’emails’, then ‘auxiliary emails’, and then ‘sign up confirmation email’. Here we are going to be changing the confirmation text and URL, so it points to our Calendly appointment.

There is one caveat: We can’t know for sure if the person booked the appointment or not. I’m hoping Calendly adds a web hook API or Zapier integration in the future.



Step 4 (optional): Set up Automation Triggers

Now set up any automation triggers you want for this campaign. It depends on how you have your Drip account set up. For example, any time I get a meeting request, I automatically create a new lead in my PipeDrive account.


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dlucero23 - last year

There is a workaround for the issue that you bring up at the end of Step 3: that there is no way of knowing if an appointment was scheduled.

If a client schedules an appointment, using Zapier you can set calendly to redirect to a custom confirmation page on your website that has a conversion pixel added to it. For my purposes, I would use a Drip conversion pixel to let me know that a customer set the appointment, so I can send a short confirmation email campaign.

Additionally, Calendly is working on adding a feature that will allow us to redirect to a custom confirmation page. See here:

    Glenn Stovall - last year

    Thanks for pointing that out! I know Drip has added a native Calendly integration since I posted this article, so it’s a little out of date. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I update this article.


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