Reading List

Business Development

The Personal MBA by Josh KaufmanThe Personal MBA








The E-Myth RevistedThe E-Myth Revisted








The Win Without Pitching ManifestoWin Without Pitching Manifesto





The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms




The Positioning ManualThe Positioning Manual For Technical Firms








Double Your Freelancing RateDouble Your Freelancing Rate








Value Based FeesValue-Based Fees by Alan Weiss





Sales & Marketing

The Brain AuditThe Brain Audit








Book Yourself SolidBook Yourself Solid





The Copy Hackers Books



The_Copy_Hackers_BooksThe CopyHackers Books






Just F-ing ShipJust F$%^ Ship It by Amy Hoy








EssentialismEssentialism by Greg McKeown








Getting Things DoneGetting Things Done








The War of ArtThe War of Art by Steven Pressfield





Client Communication

The Trusted AdvisorThe Trusted Advisor








Winning Through IntimidationWinning Through Intimidation








Secrets of ConsultingThe Secrets of Consulting