Recommended Reading for June 2017

Watch the Hands, Not the Cards — The Magic of Megabrew

AB InBev is buying up craft breweries with increasing velocity, and not for the reasons you think. Chris Herron, an owner of Athens brewery Creature Comforts, explores the motivations behind these buyouts. As a current brewmaster and former Miller employee, Chris provides in-depth business insights into the world of big beer.

Why Walking Helps Us Think 

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live!” Working in the tech industry means hours at your screens. If we aren’t, we may feel like we aren’t productive. This article flips that line of thinking on its head and should you need it, motivation to get off your ass once in a while.

Fundamentals of the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory

Is it just me, or does the term “Jobs to be done” get thrown around a lot these days? This brief article is the first one where JTBD “clicked” for me. It comes was recommended by a project manager colleague, and based on his design direction, I feel like there must be something to this theory.

How to Drink Wine

Want to sound more knowledgeable when you’re out for dinner? This article serves as a needle that breaks the snobbish membrane of wine tasting and teaches the fundamentals in an easy-to-digest manner.

Unicorn Free is dead! Long live Stacking the Bricks!

This title makes zero sense out of context, doesn’t it? Amy Hoy, founder of 30×500, marketing her products on her site: Unicorn free. Amy is an advocate of bootstrapped businesses that solve real business problems, as opposed to funding-bloated Silicon Valley unicorns with no business model. The phrase “stacking the bricks” refers to the idea that you build businesses by getting small wins one after another. But this article is about a website rebranding. Amy and her business partner Alex took a very deliberate approach to building a new content-focused website that eschews the chronological blog format. I love this idea, and I plan on doing something similar in the future. 12 ways to make money w/ Drip was just the beginning.

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