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Over the years I’ve created several downloadable resources for developers. Here’s a place where you can grab them all.

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? Article Topic Brainstorm Worksheet

Originally published as part of this article: Choose your next article topic with this exercise. I recommend you read that first if you want to understand how to best use the sheet.

? Project Estimation Template

The spreadsheet I use to come up with probabilistic estimates of software projects. You can read more about how to use this system in both The Project Estimation Guide or Dependable. If you’d like to learn more about estimation, you can read more here:

? Value-Based Proposal Sample

An example document that I’ve used to sell value-based services. You can learn more about how to craft proposals in these articles as well:

? Project Roadmap Sample

An example of a roadmap I use for projects. Learn more about the thinking behind this document here: How to Write A Software Program Roadmap.

? Client Acquisition Worksheet

This is a set of exercises you can do that will give you a roadmap of things you can do to start finding client in and out of your network. Read more about the strategies here: A Guaranteed Strategy to Get Your First Clients.

? Dependable Sample Chapter

Dependable: Deliver Software on Time and Within Budget, is a complete manual that teaches you how to overcome uncertainty, deliver more value, and be a more successful software developer. You’ll learn how to deal with people, budgets, constraints, and scheduling to ensure that you can deliver projects that deliver value.

? Freelance Pricing Handbook

The Freelance Pricing Handbook is a brief guide I put together to help you set your rates and get paid what you’re worth. This isn’t a book of hacks to help you charge more (although if you are undervaluing yourself, it will.) Instead, it aims to help you understand the reasoning behind why people charge what they charge and pay what they way. That way, you can send clients proposals and offers with confidence. In addition, here are a few more articles on pricing your services:

? 14 Key Lessons From The Double Your Freelancing Conference

I wrote this after attending the now defunct Double Your Freelancing Conference. It was a great event where I had the opportunity to learn a lot. I wrote down the key takeaway I got from each speaker, so I could share them with you here. Speakers include James Clear, Amy Hoy, Brian Casel, and many more!

? Last Chance! Get All of This For Free Before I Change My Mind: