The Valuable Writing Package

Make more money by providing more value to your clients.

The valuable writing package is a collection of templates and sample documents I use in my consulting business daily. I discuss my tactics in more detail in my article How I Used Writing to Double My Freelancing Rate as a Programmer.

This is my favourite article on Medium. Pretty sure I re-read it once every two weeks at least. Such a great concept.
Tia Naturally

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Here’s What You Get In The Valuable Writing Package:

  • A sample welcome packet, provided by Nick Disabato for his Draft Revise service.
  • A  meeting agenda template I send to clients before each meeting. This helps set expectations and keep meetings on track.
  • A sample weekly progress report. I use this to keep clients happy and allow them to keep their finger on the pulse of projects.
  • A sample retainer agreement I’ve used to increase client lifetime value by over $10,000.
  • A copy of my guide, The Freelance Pricing Handbook, A brief guide that helps you structure your rates and explains how to use the increased value this package will help you provide into a higher rate.
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