Writing With Siri

I’m writing this using Siri’s dictation feature on my iPhone. This new method of writing first draft has been a game changer for me. It’s more accurate and sophisticated than I was expecting. Once I got used to the cadence(Saying “Period. New line.” and stopping every 30 seconds because due to technical limitations ), it’s starting to feel smooth. Although, I’m a little nervous about saying something like “.“ In real life.

As long as I don’t develop that weird habit, this is going to make me a lot better at talking I feel. Talking on podcasts and online videos always feel awkward to me. It’s odd to speak to an audience that isn’t there. Also, working from home had led to me developing a bit of a mumbling habit. I don’t have many people to talk to except for the dogs, or are currently perplexed by my pacing and rambling into a black rectangle. Speaking of the dictation requires me to be more articulate,  and also not talk too fast. Another bad habit. I blame that one coffee.

Benefits of this writing technique: 

Writing like this is fast! It takes a bit more editing, but this is the third piece I’ve written today. 40 minutes have passed.

I can write while walking. I spend all day gazing at a screen, desk-bound. “Sitting is the new smoking,” they say. But now I can write while standing or pacing. I’m also drinking more water because doing this a lot dries out the throat. I haven’t tested it outdoors yet; it says Siri requires internet access to work well. I don’t know how well the system will work outside but if it does, will be great to be able to write articles while I’m taking the dogs for a walk or when I have a random idea away from home.

I can feel what I’m writing more. I know it sounds cheesy, when you say something out loud that resonates with you it’s more obvious. It’s been my experience that the more energized I get when writing something, the more it resonates with others.

I get to edit my speech. There are all kinds of speech patterns you have that don’t notice until you have to sit and read them back. It’s like the feeling of listening to a recording of your voice but worse. However, facing these shortcomings is how you fix problems.

Are you need to use it is a decent Internet connection an hour and an app with a text box. I’ve been using Bear, syncing it with my MacBook, copying it in the Hemingway to do everything. Once I clean it up, I can publish it wherever.

If you have an iPhone or similar tool, and you like to write, or even if you hate to write, I recommend giving it a try.