Tiny Rock Side Hustle

My Mother works in Elberton, GA, The Granite Capital of the World at a local Quarry. Here is their #2 best selling product:



I love companies like this, invisible enterprises that build something important to everyone. But this isn’t a letter about tombstones; this is a letter about their all-time #1 bestseller:



If you ever think you can’t provide value to the market, here’s a company making bank by selling tiny rocks on the ground, an abundant natural resource.

The quarry didn’t set out to be a tiny rock business. They set out to build beautiful monuments. The tiny rocks are a side hustle. Stonecutters work their craft, and tiny rocks just happen.

  • Drill into granite veins branching off Stone Mountain? Free tiny rocks.
  • Drop and bang raw granite in transit? Free tiny rocks.
  • Cut the stones to shape & size, then drill holes for flower holders? Free tiny rocks.

These rocks are gathered, bound, packaged, priced, and sold. This company took waste and turned it into a product that sells more than the product they showed up to build.


Every business has its tiny rocks: rubbish waiting to be butterfly-transformed into an asset. Here are some examples:

  • Notes and research done during client projects become articles & letters.
  • Replies to emails and questions at bars become articles & letters.
  • Content turn into presentations, workshops, and books.
  • Excerpts from proposals are Voltroned into future proposals and landing page copy.
  • One-off jobs turned into repeatable offerings.

As a small business owner, resources are always tight. Without a lot of time or business capital, you need to get the most out of the resources you have. Look around you for tiny rocks, gold that you’re leaving on the ground. What have you been missing?

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